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Current Version

The current version of reslog is 3.16.

What Is reslog?

reslog reverse-resolves IP in the Apache log files. These log files can then be analyzed by another program, like Analog. You can think of it as a replacement of Apache HostNameLookups directive, in the sense that it resolves the client IP altogether once a day.

What’s New?


reslog version 3.16 is released. This release fixed a bug with empty files created with Compress::Bzip2. Download reslog version 3.16.


reslog version 3.15 is released. Fixed the minimal required Perl version in the Makefile.PL installation. Upgrade is not necessary if you have installed reslog version 3.13 or later. Download reslog version 3.15.

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By imacat, first version 2005-04-26, last updated 2009-04-19