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What’s New?


reslog version 3.16 is released. This release fixed a bug with empty files created with Compress::Bzip2. Download reslog version 3.16.


reslog version 3.15 is released. Fixed the minimal required Perl version in the Makefile.PL installation. Upgrade is not necessary if you have installed reslog version 3.13 or later. Download reslog version 3.15.


reslog version 3.14 is released. There are several documentation and test suite fixes. Upgrade is not necessary if you have installed reslog version 3.13. Download reslog version 3.14.


reslog version 3.13 is released. There are many code enhancements, bug fixes, test suite enhancements and documentation fixes. Download reslog version 3.13.


reslog version 3.12 is released. Fixed the error when there is no IP to be resolved. Download reslog version 3.12.


reslog version 3.11 is released. Fixed the problem with non-threaded Perl. Fixed the bug checking STDIN file type with the file program. Moved files back to the Perl default installation directories. Added support for installation with Module::Build. Download reslog version 3.11.


reslog version 3.10 is released. Documentation fixes. Download reslog version 3.10.


reslog version 3.09 is released. License updated to GPLv3, and various fixes. Download reslog version 3.09.


Website style adjustment. <hr />s are replaced by CSS borders for accessibility reason.


reslog version 3.08 is released. Documentation fixes. Download reslog version 3.08.


reslog version 3.07 is released. Clean up the code so that it works on more platforms. Now it works on Linux, MSWin32, cygwin, Solaris, FreeBSD and MacOSX Darwin. Download reslog version 3.07.


reslog version 3.06 is released. Rewrite the test suite so that the result is more correct, accuate and meaningful. Download reslog version 3.06.


reslog version 3.05 is released. Fixed a bug that unavailable STDIN may cause error. Download reslog version 3.05.


reslog version 3.04 is released. Fixed a typo when loading File::MMagic. Download reslog version 3.04.


reslog version 3.03 is released. Default installation directory moved back to /sbin. make upgrade is added to remove files from the old versions. flock() policy is redesigned for consistency and less errors. Download reslog version 3.03.


reslog version 3.02 is released. Resolver is now independent from the main program. Successfully tested and run on MSWin32 and cygwin. Several small bugs are solved. Download reslog version 3.02.


I have reconstruct the reslog SourceForge website. Now web pages of different languages are put into different directories. WCAG Accessibility designs are added. A site map page is added. The site should be more clear and readable.


reslog version 3.01 is released. A serious bug that --suffix and --trim-suffix was obtaining wrong value is fixed. You should upgrade to version 3.01 immediately if you were using 3.00. Download reslog version 3.01.


reslog version 3.00 is released. I rewrote everything. The code is now object-oriented. ithreads Threading support is added so that it is really fast now. bzip2 compression is supported. Compressing and decompressing using gzip and bzip2 executables without installing Compress::Zlib and Compress::Bzip2 is now possible, although discouraged. Certain file name suffix can be removed before outputing the result file, so that it can be line-up with other log file filters. Download reslog version 3.00.

2002-09-18 version 2.1.0dev2 is released. This release corrects several documentation errors. It also adds SourceForge in the documentations as one of the sources of You can think of it as a SourceForge Memorial Release. :p You don’t have to upgrade to this version in a rush. Download version 2.1.0dev2.

2002-09-17 is hosted at SourceForge now! Congratulations! (Although I’m still trying hard to get it working at this time… ^^; )

2002-08-31 version 2.1.0dev1 is released. This release fixes the problem that it wouldn’t run with Perl 5.8.0. I marked it as dev because I wish I can implement Compress::Bzip2 and ExtUtils::MakeMaker in the 2.1.0 stable release. But it is is in fact very stable. Download version 2.1.0dev1.

By imacat, first version 2001-07-04, last updated 2009-04-19